Sunset Cruise

Overview & Activity Comparison


Enjoy a pleasant and memorable evening out on the calm waters off the Maui coast with a beautiful sunset, island music, wildlife viewing, and delicious local food and tropical cocktails. All profits from your tickets go directly towards the Pacific Whale Foundation’s important work of protecting the oceans through science and advocacy.
Guidebook Reviews

Maui Revealed Guidebook:

Maui’s often placid evening waters make dinner cruises a delight.


There’s no better place to see the sun set on the Pacific than from one of Maui’s many boat tours.

Moon Guidebook:

Few Maui activities are more iconic than a sunset sail off the West Maui coastline. The feeling of the trade winds in your hair as you glide along the ocean is a sensation of freedom you can’t experience on land. Watch as the setting sun paints the sky every shade of orange and pink, while on most days you can also make out a rainbow hovering over the lush valleys. Add in some tunes, a mai tai, and some appetizers, and there’s a good chance you’ll walk off the boat with a smile on your face and the photo for next year’s Christmas card.

Activity Comparison

Activity 1
Activity 2
Duration 2 hours 2 hours
Departure Location Lahaina Harbor Lahaina Harbor
Dinner Four courses served to your private table Buffet or served while seated casually (tables & non-tables)
Drink 3 alcoholic drinks per adult
Unlimited soda, juice, water
3 alcoholic drinks per adult
Unlimited soda, juice, water
Music Island-style background music (not live) Live island-style background music by ukulele musician
Boat Double-decker catamaran Sailing catamaran
Max Passengers
often less
up to 49 (currently 32-40 max due to COVID) up to 49 (currently 38 max due to COVID)
Price Age 13+: $129.95
Age 3-12: $99.95
Age 2 & under: Free
Age 13+: $109.95
Age 3-12: $69.95
Age 2 & under: Free
More Details More Details