Ulalena - Hawaiian Cultural Show

West Maui
3 female dancers


  • Creative telling of Hawaiian history through music, dance, and elaborate set pieces
  • VIP package: front row seats + post-show luau dinner & entertainment
  • State-of-the-art theater with stadium seating
  • Centrally located in downtown Lahaina with free parking
$80 per adult
  • Starts 5:00pm
  • Duration 1.25 hours
This activity is not currently available.

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Better understand the rich history and culture of Hawaii with the beautiful production ‘Ulalena. Through Hawaiian music, poignant singing, modern dance, creative costumes, unique sets and props, and artistic storytelling, the history of Hawaii is depicted through the stories and legends of ancestors, from its early beginnings through contact with Europeans to today. ‘Ulalena not only entertains and educates but will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the Hawaiian spirit.

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  • Authentic and artistic display of Hawaiian history and culture, also popular among locals
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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Maui Revealed Guidebook:

Biggest, most elaborate show ever to take place on Maui. Theater is state of the art with booming sound and excellent lighting. The music and percussion throughout are effective, and the dancers are disciplined. Some very creatives scenes. The last three scenes are so beautiful and uplifting, you can’t help but leave smiling. It’s fun and entertaining.

Lonely Planet Guidebook:

This Cirque du Soleil-style extravaganza with brilliant stage sets, acrobatics, and elaborate costumes is an entertaining, high-energy performance.

Fodor's Guidebook:

Fodor’s Choice

One of Maui’s hottest tickets, Ulalena is a musical extravaganza that has received accolades from audiences and Hawaiian culture experts. The powerful ensemble (20 singer-dancers and five musicians) uses creative stage wizardry to give an enchanting portrayal of island history and mythology. Reservations essential.

Moon Guidebook:

Top 10 Highlight of West Maui

Captivating show in the impressive Maui Theatre which is something you would expect to find in Vegas or New York. If you’re a fan of shows or have an interest in Hawaiian history, this isn’t an evening to be missed.

Seating Options

Diamond VIP Seating & Package
Rows 1-3
In addition to exclusive access to the VIP lounge area and a drink & popcorn, it includes the Blue Hawaii Luau (optional) after the show at 6:30 pm, with Hawaiian feast catered by a popular local restaurant and live entertainment
$114.99 (free for age 5 & under)

Platinum Seats (rows 4-8)
Adults: $89.99
Children (6-12): $49.99
Children (5 & under): Free

Gold Seats (rows 9-12)
Adults: $79.99
Children (6-12): $39.99
Children (5 & under): Free


  • West Maui
Maui Theatre
878 Front St.
Lahaina, HI

15 min from Ka'anapali
30 min from Kihei
45 min from Wailea
Frequently Asked Questions
  • You are supporting a production that perpetuates authentic Hawaiian culture and language
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy
  • No refunds after 24 hours prior to show time
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  • 4.166% Hawaii sales tax (GET)