Waterfalls Tour

Overview & Activity Comparison

In contrast to the large swaths of black lava fields blanketing much of the Big Island, lush tropical havens with scenic waterfalls can still be found, especially if you get off the beaten path. Our two tours will take you on private land to some of the best areas for viewing falls, some charming and others majestic, and the chance to swim in one too. You'll also learn about Hawaiian agriculture, with tastings. Both tours come with the expertise and care of renowned guides in a small group setting.
Guidebook Reviews

Lonely Planet Guidebook:

Top-notch ecotour outfitter with knowledgeable guides

Fodor's Guidebook:

Since 1993, this locally owned and operated outfit has built a reputation for outstanding nature tours and eco-adventures. Sustainability and cultural sensitivity is a company mission. They have access to thousands of acres of restricted or private lands and employ expert, certified guides who are entertaining and informative.

Frommer's Guidebook:

The island’s premier outfitter, this eco-friendly company also has exclusive access to many sites

Moon Guidebook:

Wonderful company with an excellent environmental ethic—the tours are highly recommended

Activity Comparison

Activity 1
Kohala Waterfalls Tour
Activity 2
Hilo Waterfalls Tour
Location 1 hr 15 min north of Kona, 45 min north of Waikoloa, 2 hours from Hilo In Hilo area, 1.5 hours from Waikoloa, 1 hr 40 min from Kona
Included in price
Kona & Waikoloa Hilo
Length of Tour 6-8 hours, 8 am - 2 pm (plus transport) 4 hours, 10 am - 2 pm (including transport)
Both relatively easy but unpaved, and also uneven in places
1.5-2 miles (1-2 hours) .25 miles (15 min)
Lunch View Pololu Valley & sea cliffs Kulaniapia Falls
Waterfall Swimming
Yes Yes, plus kayaking and standup paddleboarding
Additional Highlight Adventurous off-road ride on a former military vehicle Chocolate farm tour with tastings
Price Age 13+: $190
Age 12 & under: $165
Age 13+: $149
Age 12 & under: $124
More Details More Details