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Explore the gentle waters off the Kona Coast in a more intimate way while burning off some of last night’s luau feast. From the vantage point of being right on the water, get up close to marine life such as dolphins and whales and experience the water as Hawaiians have for centuries. No crowds, no noise or exhaust from engines, just the stillness of the calm bay and the fresh tropical air.
Guidebook Reviews

Big Island Revealed Guidebook:

Ocean kayaking is excellent on the normally calm Kona coast

Our favorite kayaking on the island is across Kealakekua Bay

Fodor's Guidebook:

The west coast areas of the Big Island have ideal, near-shore kayaking conditions. Kailua Bay is a nice place to launch — the water here is especially calm and the surroundings are historic and scenic.

Kona Boys: Fodor’s Choice

Moon Guidebook:

An organized kayak trip to Kealakekua Bay not only gets you to the best snorkel location on the island but gives you a tour of this undeveloped and inaccessible coast.

The preferred company for the Kealakekua kayak tour, because of its quality of tours and equipment, is Kona Boys

Activity Comparison

We offer guided trips with easy paddling in 2 calm bays on the Kona Coast. Located in the heart of Kona, Kailua Bay has more to look at on land, including multiple historic landmarks, whereas Kealakekua Bay is a more remote nature preserve renowned for its snorkeling and marine life. For a unique paddle, try the outrigger canoe, which holds a special place in Hawaiian history and culture. The key differences between the 3 tours are outlined in the table below. Additional details and booking options can be found by visiting the individual pages.
Activity 1
Kayak/Snorkel/SUP Kona
Activity 2
Kayak & Snorkel Kealakekua
Activity 3
Hawaiian Canoe
Departure Location Kailua Bay in central Kona (35 min from Waikoloa) Kealakekua Bay (20 min from Kona, 50 min from Waikoloa) Kailua Bay in central Kona (35 min from Waikoloa)
Duration 4 hours 4-4.5 hours 1 hour
Max # of People on Vessel / Tour 2 / 12 2 / 12 6 / 6
Other Activities Snorkeling
Stand up paddleboarding
Snorkeling None
Physical Exertion Level / Difficulty Easy Easy Easiest
Price Age 19+: $159
Age 18 & under: $139
Age 19+: $99 (afternoon) or $199 (morning)
Age 18 & under: $74 or $174
All Ages: $59
Private Charter (6 people max): $199 total
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