Volcanoes National Park Tour with Night Lava Viewing

Hawaii Forest & Trail
Transportation Available
Meals Included
Night Lava Viewing


  • Explore the highlights and off-the-beaten-path sites of Kilauea Volcano at the world famous National Park
  • See past lava flows, steaming vents, and craters & cinders
  • Walk through a lava tube in the rainforest
  • View the glow of lava from an active crater at night
  • Famous Rainbow Falls (Hilo tour only)
  • Expert guide will explain geology, history, culture, and mythology
  • Includes meals, snacks, & drinks, and variety of gear
$192 per adult
  • Afternoon, Evening
  • Duration 6 - 13.5 hours

Pricing & Availability


Fully experience the geological wonders of Volcanoes National Park with a full day exploring lava tubes, steaming vents, cinder cones, past lava flows, and much more. Cap it off with observing glowing lava in the active Halemaumau Crater at twilight! With only 12 passengers max and highly knowledgeable local guides, this hands-on tour will teach you about the fascinating role of volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands.

Deli lunch (Kona/Waikoloa pick-ups only), picnic dinner, and snacks & drinks all day are included, as well as the $25 National Park entrance fee and a variety of gear as needed (binoculars, walking sticks, flashlights, day packs, warm wear, and rain ponchos). Pick-ups are available from Hilo, Waikoloa, and Kona, saving you from driving the 4+ hours round-trip including a return in the dark. Hilo passengers are also treated on the way to the Park to Rainbow Falls and a walk through a private lava tube.

Booking Tip

NO AVAILABILITY? Please contact us so we can look into the possibility of adding a tour. Please include the # of people in your party and all possible dates that would work for you.


TravelShack's Choice

Why we recommend this option over others
Review by TravelShack Team
  • The most reputable and longest running small group tour operator on the Big Island (almost 25 years)
  • Meals and snacks included
  • Pick-up service includes Kona, Waikoloa, and Hilo
  • Short hikes to see unique sites beyond the busiest stops
  • Known for knowledgeable and professional guides, many with degrees in volcanology, geology, and biology
  • Comfortable van transport and maximum of only 12 people (often less)
  • Hilo version has exclusive access to lava tube you can walk through; longer and more intimate than more crowded tube in Park
  • Kona/Waikoloa passengers are on separate tour than Hilo passengers, so no time is wasted for Hilo pick-ups
  • Binoculars and telescope (some tours) available for close-up lava viewing


  • Volcano
  • Hilo, Kona, Waikoloa
Tour Location
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
(plus Rainbow Falls & private lava tube for Hilo tour)

Driving Distance to Park
2 hours from Waikoloa & Kona
45 min from Hilo

Guidebook Reviews

Hawaii Big Island Revealed Guidebook:

If you had to name the one thing the Big Island is most famous for, it would undoubtedly be Kilauea Volcano. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is the most fascinating place you may ever visit.

Lonely Planet Guidebook:

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Hawaii’s Top 20

Top-notch ecotour outfitter with knowledgeable guides

Moon Guidebook:

Hawaii Forest & Trail is a wonderful company with an excellent environmental ethic—the tours are highly recommended

Fodor's Guidebook:

If you do nothing else on the Big Island, do the volcano

Option 1
Kona or Waikoloa Pick-up
Option 2
Hilo Pick-up
Varies based on pick-up location & season*
9-11:30 am to 9:30-11:30 pm 1-2 pm to 9-10 pm
Sightseeing Differences More time in National Park, including down to sea coast Rainbow Falls, and walk through lava tube on private land
Meals Included Lunch & Dinner Dinner
Price Age 13+: $216
Age 12 & under: $192
Age 13+: $192
Age 12 & under: $168
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recognized at the local, state, and international levels as a leader in sustainable tourism
  • Certified by the Hawai’i Ecotourism Association
  • Donates to and partners with local environmental and community organizations
  • Reusable silverware, containers, and water bottles to reduce waste
  • Educates and is sensitive to the deep cultural significance of the volcano
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy
  • No refunds after 48 hours prior to tour
Tax added at checkout:
  • 4.166% Hawaii sales tax (GET)
  • Age 8 & up is recommended due to the lengthy ride (2+ hours) to get to Volcano if you're staying in Kona or Waikoloa. However, under the age of 8 is allowed as long as they use an appropriate car seat (if needed) and the child can follow instruction.
  • Although the lava glow at the overlook crater has been consistently seen nightly for at least the 5 past years, it can change at anytime and therefore lava viewing cannot be guaranteed.
  • Parts of the tour include walking on uneven terrain. Those who are not comfortable may stay with the van during these short walks.