Manta Ray Night Dive or Snorkel in North Kona

Kona Honu Divers
Dinner Available
A manta ray at night


  • Unique adventure observing large manta rays at night
  • Dive or snorkel
  • Option to start earlier with an afternoon dive/snorkel
  • Spacious 46’ boat with shower and restroom
$115 per adult
  • Afternoon, Evening
  • Duration 3.5 - 5 hours

Pricing & Availability

Manta Ray Experience

Witness an incredible underwater spectacle unique to the Big Island. Attracted by plankton which are attracted to lights placed in the water, large manta rays (6 to 20 ft wide) visit the same location virtually every night to feed. For 50-60 minutes, you will get a front row seat as these harmless elegant creatures loop, somersault, and cruise in the beams of light and funnel plankton into their giant mouths. Divers will settle to the ocean floor (about 35 ft down) and shine their dive lights up which bring the rays close. Snorkelers will observe the show from the surface, holding on to a snorkel board alongside a guide.

Tour Details

The spacious 46’ boat with giant stride entry into the water, hot water shower, and a restroom will keep you comfortable, along with attentive service from the guides and dive masters with only a 6:1 diver/snorkeler to guide ratio.

You can start this adventure in the afternoon with a daytime dive/snorkel (more geared towards divers but snorkeling also available). One of the best diving spots on the Big Island, Garden Eel Cove (close to the Kona airport) is not just home to many manta rays, but also hundreds of tiny garden eels and other marine life, as well as a dramatic drop-off. In between the afternoon and night dives/snorkels, there is a 1 hour break where light refreshments and sandwiches are enjoyed while the sun sets. If just joining for the night dive, you will enjoy snacks as well as the sunset. Full set of rental diving gear is $39/person.

Booking Tip

It is sometimes cancelled due to water or weather conditions, and therefore we recommend booking as early in your trip as possible to increase the chances of being able to reschedule. If you are not able to reschedule, then you will receive a full refund.

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Why we recommend this option over others
  • Large boat with giant stride entry into the water, hot water shower, and a restroom
  • Offered daily
  • Option to combine with afternoon dive/snorkel
  • Manta Guarantee (see FAQ for details)
  • Generally less boats in a more confined area than the south Kona manta site, meaning usually more mantas seen
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Top 11 Adventures. It may stay with you for the rest of your life. The best money you will ever spend underwater.

Kona Honu Divers has a beautiful boat with plenty of shade, comfortable, and easy to get around on. Professional guides, good briefing, and a relaxed pace.

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Top 20 Activities in Hawaii. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful and utterly fascinating. You need not be an expert in the water to enjoy this unforgettable adventure. For many, this is the capstone experience to their time in Hawaii.

Kona Honu Divers has a good reputation.

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Option 1
Afternoon & Night
Option 2
Night Only
Days Tue, Th, Sat, Sun Mon, Wed, Fri
Start Time
Varies based on time of year
Departs between 2:30 and 4 pm Departs between 4 and 5:30 pm
Duration 5 hours, 2 tanks for divers 3.5 - 4 hours, 1 tank for divers
Diving Requirement Dove within past 4 years
(if 2-4 years, must do private guide)
Dove within past 2 years (within 1 year recommended)
Refreshments Snacks and sandwiches, hot chocolate & tea after night dive Snacks, hot chocolate & tea afterwards
Included Gear Tanks, weights, and dive lights for divers
Mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit for snorkelers
Tanks, weights, and dive lights for divers
Mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit for snorkelers
Price Certified Divers: $149
Snorkelers (age 8+): $125
Diving Gear: $39
Private Guide: $125
Certified Divers: $125
Snorkelers (age 8+): $115
Diving Gear: $39
Private Guide: $125
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  • Kona
Departure Point
Honokohau Harbor in North Kona

45 min from Waikoloa
1 hr 45 min from Hilo
Frequently Asked Questions
  • On the Green List of Manta Ray Preferred Activity Providers (managed by Hawaii Ocean Watch) who meet best practices for safety for the manta rays and visitors and promote sustainability
  • Signed on to West Hawaii Voluntary Standards for Marine Tourism (WHVS) to protect the environment
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy
  • No refunds after 48 hours prior to activity time
Taxes/Fees added at checkout
  • 4.166% Hawaii sales tax (GET)
  • 3% Harbor Tax
  • $5/person Hawaii Ocean Watch Nature Fee to protect the mantas and people who participate in this very popular activity
  • Divers who have not dove in over 2 years must do the 2-tank version (Option 1) with private guide (if 2-4 years) or the 2-tank morning Check Out Dive (if 4+ years).
  • Diving not for pregnant women or those with circulation, heart, or breathing issues.
  • Divers are required to bring their Open Water Certification card or e-mail a copy in advance in order to dive.
  • Those with only a PADI Scuba Diver Rating (i.e. have only completed the first 2 check out dives of their Open Water certification) must dive with a private guide.
  • Junior Open Water Divers (ages 10-11) must dive with a private guide.
  • Divers ages 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian diver or private guide.
  • You should not go to high altitude (e.g., Mauna Kea, airplane) within 18 hours after diving. You can dive after high altitude, though.
  • Snorkelers must be 8 years of age or older, able to swim, have prior snorkeling experience, and those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times (including in the water as a snorkeler) or must hire a private guide.
  • No one under 8 years of age allowed on boat, even as ride-along.
  • Everyone in your party should be able to speak and understand English proficiently.