Kayaking, Snorkeling, & Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tour in Kailua Bay

Kona Boys
Lunch Included
Mother & daughter taking off in kayak from beach with help of guide and girl


  • Kona beach and water experience combining kayaking, snorkeling, and stand up paddle boarding
  • Guides show you a good time, provide instruction, and tell you about the area
  • Kailua Bay has calm waters, dolphins, tropical fish, and other marine life
  • Convenient and historic location on the beach in central Kona
$159 per adult
  • Starts 8:00am
  • Duration 4 hours

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Have the full Kona beach and water experience with this 5-hour multisport tour with the friendly and knowledgeable guides of Kona Boys. From the beach shack in the heart of Kona, you will head out to explore the calm Kailua Bay on kayaks, soaking in the coastal views, learning about the rich history of this area, and often spotting spinner dolphins that may show off their tricks in the air. There will be some great opportunities to snorkel from the kayaks, and then near the shore after returning to the beach for a break, possibly with dolphins. You’ll learn about the different species of fish over lunch, and then receive a mini-lesson in stand up paddle boarding, one of the hottest sports in the U.S. and an easier alternative to surfing. You can extend this day at the beach by renting gear from their beach shack to do more of your favorite activity or just relax in a beach chair on the sand.

Booking Tip

If within 24 hours, availability is not shown in the calendar, but spots are usually still available, as long as it's before 5 pm the day before. Please contact us if you cannot do another day.

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  • A unique combo package of kayaking, snorkeling, and stand up paddle boarding
  • First-rate location — calm protected bay, convenient central Kona location, and historic setting
  • Exclusive beachfront location amenable to breaking up the different phases of the tour
Traveler Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars
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January 2019

Pauline D wrote:

Amazing experience. We SUP, snorkeled and kayaker. Our guide was EDEN and she was wonderful. Very patient and allowed the day to flow at our own speed. We travelled with our son and 2 nephews and niece. All teenagers! They had a blast. Lunch was provided and I was impressed at how much nicer the food was vs what I had anticipated. Would do this activity all over again.

Guidebook Reviews

Hawaii Big Island Revealed Guidebook:

Ocean kayaking: Excellent on the normally calm Kona coast. Snorkeling: There are a surprising number of fish in Kailua Bay. We’ve seen super-schools numbering in the many thousands. The beach is possibly the safest and gentlest water on the island. This is where King Kamehameha chose to spend the last years of his extraordinary life. SUP: Extremely popular with residents and visitors. It really pays to take a lesson to learn proper techniques.

Lonely Planet Guidebook:

SUP, the latest trend, takes coordination to learn, but it’s a lot easier than regular surfing. It’s a sweet blend of intense exercise, aquatic adventure, and marine-biology lesson. It delivers a core workout accompanied by dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, and very meditative, Zen-like paddling techniques. It’s the perfect way to slow down and drink up the mana (spiritual essence) of the Big Island.

Fodor's Guidebook:

The west coast areas of the Big Island have ideal, near-shore kayaking conditions. Kailua Bay is a nice place to launch kayaks. The water here is especially calm and the surroundings are historic and scenic.

Kona Boys: Fodor’s Choice

Moon Guidebook:

Stand up paddle boarding is the newest and hottest sport around.


  • Kona
Kailua Bay in downtown Kona

Driving Distances
45 min from Waikoloa
1 hr 30 min from Hilo
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Has signed on to the West Hawai’i Voluntary Standards for Marine Tourism to improve environmental performance
  • Actively involved in the community, including sponsoring local surfers, surf competitions, and other events
Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy
  • After 48 hours prior to activity time, cancellations, changes, or no-shows will result in 50% payment
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  • 4.712% Hawaii sales tax (GET)
Minimum Weight of Participants
  • 30 lbs
Maximum Weight of Participants
  • 475 pounds for 2 (if exceed this amount, please note at checkout and you can likely still be accommodated)