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Don't get overwhelmed! We seek out the very best things to do and help you choose among them. We've already done the work for you, carefully evaluating hundreds of tours and activities and narrowing it down to the ones we recommend as the best that Hawaii has to offer.

First, we identify the must-dos that are popular for good reason. These are the highlights that attract millions of people each year to visit the remote islands of Hawaii.

Then, we thoroughly compare all the possible businesses to select our provider(s). All are highly rated based on well-known guidebooks, leading traveler review websites, and our own experience. We also consider a variety of factors, including inclusions/exclusions, value, variety of options, available times/days, and anything else that stands out among the competition. Our TravelShack's Choice section on each activity page details some of our reasons.

We are an independent small business located in Hawaii. You can trust that our activities are the best that Hawaii has to offer.

Convenient Research

We've put all the important things you need to know about an activity on one concise page so you can quickly make decisions and don't need to gather this info on your own. For the detail-oriented types, we have a FAQ section for each activity. Detailed comparison tables allow you to clearly understand different options and choose the best one for you. We also include guidebook and travelers reviews.

Easy Online Booking

Save time by not having to navigate multiple activity websites, making phone calls across time zones, or going back-and-forth with e-mails. Just select a date from our availability calendars and claim your spots! Book multiple activities quickly in the same checkout, and just sign into your account to easily make future bookings. Unlike other booking agencies, you can conveniently check in by just providing your name, no printed tickets or vouchers required.

Savings with Every Booking

With up to 20% in Discounts and up to 15% in Rewards Cashback & TravelShack Credit, you'll receive great value booking top-quality activities with us.

Best Price Guarantee & No Booking Fees

There's zero cost for our service! In fact, we guarantee you won't pay any more for booking through us, and for some activities you'll even enjoy upfront discounts. Unlike many others, we don't believe in adding hidden fees at checkout.


With our flexible cancellation policy, have peace of mind knowing that you can change or cancel and receive a 100% refund, typically up to 24-48 hours prior to the activity.

Excellent Customer Service

We understand how important your Hawaii vacation is to you, and we've earned a stellar reputation since our launch in 2014 making our users happy and going above and beyond when we can. We've received a perfect rating on TrustPilot (all 5 star reviews).


From our activities to our rewards, we got you covered for all types of things to do, from thrilling adventures, informative tours, and first-rate entertainment to where to eat and what to shop for. Take care of all your vacation activities in one place!

Responsible Tourism

Travel guilt-free, only supporting businesses that care about the environment and community. All of our activities have been carefully vetted to ensure they do no harm to the environment and local communities, and many of our vendors actively do good. Share in the Aloha Spirit by respecting Hawaii's natural beauty and culture and preserving them for locals and future travelers.

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Don't miss out on the best activities by waiting too long and finding that there are not enough spots left. Book online today to save your precious vacation time for fun and relaxation, not researching and making arrangements!

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