Discover, Book, Get Rewarded

You've booked your flight and hotel. Now you're ready to figure out the fun parts of your trip.

Sure, you can buy the guidebooks with outdated information, sift through overwhelming lists of activities on travel websites, use review sites that lack the important details, or trust that the activity desk at your hotel is going to book for you the best tours at a good price. These can be risky and time-consuming ways to plan activities, and you could end up doing less, not making informed decisions, paying high prices, and exhausted by the whole process.

Now there's one place to easily find the best things to do, book them at the guaranteed best price, and get rewarded with free meals, drinks, products, attractions, and more so you fully experience Hawaii (or just get cash back as pure savings).

We want you to make the most of your precious vacation, which means less time researching, planning, and stressing and more time enjoying everything that Hawaii has to offer. Whether it's snorkeling the clear warm waters in search of tropical fish, exploring the otherworldly volcano landscape, drinking cocktails at sunset while listening to the waves, or tasting and taking home Hawaiian-made coffee, your ultimate Hawaiian vacation is awaiting.

Happy travels, and mahalo (thank you) for allowing us to help plan your trip!